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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Game of Chess (Anything #2)

Finally, we are back to the anything at all post. Since there is a lot more freedom in this post, I think that it makes it harder for me to come up with something, as there are no guidelines, other than you must write something. Well, I finally thought of something to write about, so today’s post is going to be about working together. Now, you all might be thinking that this is going to be a rather boring post then, but fear not, as I will hopefully make it fun and engaging. Anyway (I feel like I say that too much), let’s get on with it! (I also say that too much)

I long time ago, during a car ride to New York, my family and I would pass the time by listening to book on tapes. This is when we were young at the time, and had the attention span of a dog (No offense to dogs. Some dogs pay attention really well. Others don’t). Anyway, I forget the name of the book on tape, but I remember how it described this one boy’s neighborhood. I’ll try not to butcher the story too much, but here goes. So this boy fought a lot with the other boys in the neighborhood, and to say that they fought is an understatement. These boys battled and threw clay balls at each other. They were like the Ravens VS the Steelers; ultimate rivals. But when they were confronted with boys from another neighborhood, they were best friends; acting as one to defeat a common enemy.

So basically the message was summed up in the last sentence: acting as one to defeat the common enemy. I say that because it relates to today’s topic of working together. For those who don’t know, the U.S and other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries are facing Russia and China in a proxy war over the civil war in Syria. As each day passes, it is starting to look like the beginning of World War 3. Tensions are building on both sides, and the conflict is becoming more confusing with the addition of ISIS. My main point is that if we didn’t have to have any war or conflict, the world would be a better place. Now, that sounds cliché and easier said than done, but I have a supposedly better solution.

Many people in the world want to get rid of all conflict, and have everybody working together to achieve common goals. That is great and all, but there is one major flaw in that plan: You can’t get rid of conflict. No matter how hard you try, there will always be conflict. Every human is different, and each country is different. And whenever you have differences, you have conflict. So my solution in part is not to eradicate conflict, but to settle it in other ways rather than warfare. Now, a couple weeks ago I had this conversation with my mom in the car. My general message was that conflict between nations should not lead to war, but rather like a game of chess. Try to follow along as best as you can. I’ll try to phrase it as best as I can. So when nations are conflicted, imagine them sitting down to a game of chess. Each nation takes a side, and each side has a certain amount of pieces (not literally, follow along with the analogy). During the game, each side will capture certain pieces of the other team and set them aside as captive. At the end of the game, when there is a clear victor, both sides reset and the victor decides the terms that the loser has to agree to.

At this point, you might be very confused as to how a chess game can replace warfare. Well, I was just using chess as an analogy. In real life, the war would be replaced with some challenge involving logic and whatnot. However, there would be no deaths, no bombs dropped, and no physical damage to the environment. The outcome would still be the same though. There would be a winner, and there would be a loser. The loser would have to agree to the terms set by the winner, so that would make nations less willing to start a conflict. Theoretically, it sounds like a great idea, but it is a lot harder said than done. What sort of challenge would it be? Where would it be held? What would the rules be? Anyway, the point is that since we can’t ever get rid of disputes, then at least let’s make it less destructive than war. Hopefully this makes sense to you all. It sounded pretty well in my head. Well, that wraps up our Anything post, and hopefully leaves you with some thinking to do. See you guys next time,

-Jack Goodenough

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