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Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Ghost Story (Vocab #3)

Hey guys, we’re back again with another vocab post. This time I have found some rather interesting vocab words, that should lead to an interesting writing prompt. Before we get into those however, it's time to do some haiku review.

Haiku Review (My College Life):

Maintaining laundry
In college is very hard
When using quarters

Patience is the key
While at college as you’ll have
To wait for your turn

Even though I don’t
Know where I’m going to go
I know it’ll be fun

That was fun indeed! Writing haikus is a good idea, as it gets the brain engaged and makes you think. As always, you can write your own haiku to go along too (If you want to). Anyway, here are this post’s new words that I found:

Terms: Definitions

Preponderance: Quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, importance (Noun) Similar to Predominance
Discretionary: Available for use at the discretion of the user (Adj.) Similar to Optional
Interventionist: Favoring [government] intervention (Noun) Similar to Intervene
Genteel: Polite, Respectable (Adj.) Similar to Proper
Disparities: A great difference (Noun) Similar to Imbalance
Overt: Done or shown openly, plainly (Adj.) Similar to Undisguised
Erroneously: Wrong; incorrect (Adverb) Similar to Wrong
Armaments: Military weapons and equipment (Noun) Similar to Weapons
Feudalism: Dominant social system in medieval Europe. (Noun)
Clairvoyant: Person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive otherworldly events (Noun) Similar to Fortune Teller
Vanguard: A group of people leading the way in new developments (Noun)
Charlatans: A person falsely claiming to have a special skill (Noun) Similar to Sham
Jamboree: A large celebration or party (Noun) Similar to Party
Adjudicating: Make a formal judgement or decision (Verb) Similar to Decided
Vilified: Write about (portray) in an abusively disparaging manner (Verb) Similar to Condemn
Ineffable: Too great to be described in words (Adj.) Similar to Inexpressable
Macabre: Disturbing/ horrifying because of involvement a death/injury (Adj.) Similar to Gruesome
Wooh, that was a doozy. One of the more interesting articles that I read was about the interest in spirits and ghosts in places like Norway. This contributed to a couple of the words (Clairvoyant, Charlatan). Anyway, the article was mainly about how belief in god has diminished, while the belief in spirits and “superstition” has started to accelerate. Anyway, I thought that a fitting writing prompt for this list would be Describe a time when you encountered a ghost. If you haven’t, then make one up! This looks like it will be fun. Since I have not encountered a ghost or otherworldly spirit,  I will make up an encounter. Let’s begin!

(The third paragraph is discretionary. If you are squeamish, you probably shouldn't read it.)

I knew I was in trouble when I first saw Airin. Airin is a ghost, or so I think. He visited me in the middle of the night, when the rest of my family was sleeping. My first time that I encountered him was ineffable. I remember a tingling feeling, sort of like when you know something is bad and your hair stands on end. I woke up suddenly with Airin right in my face.  I was so close that if I reached out, I could touch him but since he was a ghost I couldn’t. I tried to touch him, but my hand passed right through him. A cold feeling crept up my arm which then started to go numb. I gasped and quickly withdrew my arm, staring at Airin in fear and wonder. He disappeared after that, and I stayed up all night, hoping that he would come again.

I didn’t look at him that much during the encounter, but my mind slowly pieced together some facial features. Airin looked to be about my age, 10 years old. There was no color in his face, yet his eyes radiated a deep brown. His cheeks were slightly chubby and pinched around his mouth. His hair was smoothed down and parted along the side, giving the impression of a school boy. He had an air of calmness to him, watching but not speaking.  

That encounter was a month ago, and I soon forgot about Airin; until he came a second time. I still had that tingling feeling, and when I woke up I saw him with his back turned to me. Sensing that I was awake, he slowly turned around and faced me and upon seeing his face, I screamed. What used to be an innocent school boy was now a macabre figure clothed in darkness. Streaks of blood came from his eye sockets and rolled down his face, making it look like he was crying. His mouth had been sewn shut, and his nose had been broken. His hair was all askew, and a single scar slashed across from eye to chin. As soon as I screamed, he vanished, but his image was still burned into my mind forever.

Upon hearing me scream, my whole family rushed to my room and demanded to know if I was okay. Not wanting to be seen as clairvoyant and be vilified, I told them that I had a nightmare (Which wasn’t far from the truth). After I had calmed down, my parents went away and soon all was quiet throughout the house. Except for me. I never slept for the rest of the night, nor the next. The image of Airin so vividly scarred me that I was traumatized for life. Even now, I don’t sleep for more than three hours in a row. Most of my nights are spent lying awake on my bed, waiting in fear for the day that he might come back. I don’t know what happened to him to cause the monstrosity that I saw, but I hope to never see it again. Ever.

Well, sorry that took a turn for the worse. I had an idea, but then like most of the time, I got sidetracked and turned gruesome. Anyway, I know that I didn’t use a lot of the words, but I just wanted to write and not really think about incorporating the words into the writing. That being said, the next post will be back to normal. And since Halloween is around the corner, why not write about ghosts and horror? Anyway, this concludes our third vocab post. Stay tuned for the next one!

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