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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Look at Over Achievers (Anything #4)

Hey guys, we are back again with our anything at all post. Now last time, I posted my Monkey’s Paw revised essay, and I must say that that was quite boring. Now, it might be interesting for you guys to read, but for me it wasn’t really anything as I was just copying and pasting some text. Anyway, hopefully this post will be better, and I have a couple of ideas as to where I want to go with this discussion. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Now, today we’re going to discuss what some people might call ‘try hards’, or ‘over achievers’. I’ll admit, I fall into both of those categories and I am fine with that. However, what I am not fine with is the negative stigma that often surrounds these types of people. People think that we are crazy just because we actually like working hard and doing the job the right way. Somehow, society has painted a picture where the people who work hard are rewarded with mockery and are made fools of. “Oh look at him, he’s such an overachiever”. People even say it like it’s some sort of bad thing to work hard.   

Most of the time this negativity is directed toward people in school, namely the ones that work hard. I don’t know if it’s because we’re peers, or if they are jealous but they act like overachieving is such a bad thing. When confronted, they usually just say some pathetic excuse like “School doesn’t matter”, or “You don’t need to make it perfect”. The thing is, school does matter, at least if you want to succeed in life and that is where some people in my grade fall short. They think that they can just ‘skate’ through school and it’ll all be fine afterward; that acting ‘cool’ with get them by in life. I don’t know what they are thinking, but they obviously haven’t learned that the key to being successful in life is working hard. Now, I now it seems like I am ranting and going on about how ignorant they are, and I apologize. It is just that this is has been going on for a very long time, and I am really getting tired of it.

One of the reasons why I don’t like being called Terence is that people say that when I am trying ‘too’ hard or overachieving something. “Oh, Terence did it again”, or “Of course Terence would do that”, both said in a mocking way. Whenever I hear that, I just brush it off. I have amazing thick skin when it comes to this because like I said before, this has been happening for a very long time. For those of you who saw the “Little Women” play, it is sort of like the moment when Mrs. March says she is angry all the time. I am not angry all the time, but I certainly am irritated when people bring up Terence and try to make a joke out of it. I just sigh, ignore them and go about my business as usual. If they don’t like to work hard, then so be it. I’ll just mind my own business and stick to myself. Anyway, enough on this topic, let’s switch gears slightly and talk about a different aspect of ‘overachieving’.

Now, when I told a couple of people (students) about my first blog posts and how I wrote nearly an essay on some of them, there were mostly negative reactions. People would say things like “Oh that must stink, why would you ever waste your time for blogging?” I tried to explain to them how it was fun and I learned a lot from writing so much, but they missed the point, so I’ll try to explain it a little better now. You see, I believe that if you are proud of your work when you turn it in, then you did a good job. Being proud means that you actually put some thought into the assignment and cared enough to do a good job. Also, it is about the experience.

One day, Mrs. Fetter gave our partner quizzes back, and I got a 30/32. Those two points were just because I had subtracted the wrong thing; a simple and honest mistake. Mrs. Fetter told me not to worry, and I told her that I wasn’t worrying at all. In fact, I told her I was fine with the grade. I told her that as long as I knew how to subtract later on in life, then grades didn’t really matter right now. Grades aren’t permanent, experiences are. She said she really liked that a lot. The underlying message of that experience was that in the end experiences trump grades. Now, it is important that you earn and maintain good grades, but the bigger picture is all the experience that you’ve learned throughout your school career.

So when people ask me why I spent so much time on my blog, that is part of my answer. One, I like doing it, and two I am reflecting on all sorts of topics and in turn that is an experience that I will have later on in life. I could easily do a shorter blog, but then that would be no fun at all. Life is about accepting challenges and always working hard and putting your best foot forward. And even if some people in my grade don’t get that, that’s too bad for them. I know that I’ll always be an overachiever and a try hard, that’s just my nature. If you only remember two things from this post, just remember: be proud of your work, and cherish your experiences.

-Jack Goodenough

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  1. Jack, you are *decidedly* getting all sorts of thinking and writing practice through your blog that would be hard to replicate in any other way. The pay off is not the grade (though you're getting great grades!), but the ways in which the experience of blogging is shaping you and building up your intellectual life and understandings. It's very cool!

    One thing I'd like (and you might join me in this, if you are interested) is to find contests for best student blogs. They are out there, with prizes, and I'd love for you to just enter, if you want to. It seems possible that you might win something like that, and even if you don't, you'd have tried. Just a thought...