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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Modern MacBeth, Part 3 (Response #5)

Alrighty guys, we’re back again with part three of our Modern MacBeth story. This time, we’ll wrap it all up in one post, no matter the length. Like last time, I will recopy the last paragraph from the fourth post to get us familiar with the plot, and then we’re in with the third part.

The Plot:

Shortly after that, Mrs. Porcella pays a visit to the Jenkins’ household and demands to know where Mrs. Jenkins is. Mr. Jenkins replies that he doesn’t know, and Mrs. Porcella then calls Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins both fools, and traitors. Steedman, who is listening in on the conversation, steps out and angrily tells Mrs. Porcella that she is a lying witch and tells her to get out. Vexed, Mrs. Porcella  then kills Steedman in front of Mr. Jenkins and then proceeds to kill Mr. Jenkins himself.

Meanwhile, Mr. Spawn, hearing of the plight of Mrs. Jenkins, decides to find her and convince her to do something about Mrs. Berkeley. Through gossip in the science community, Mr. Spawn finds out that Mrs. Jenkins is seeking refuge at Gilman, under the guise of a janitor. Mr. Spawn then visits Mrs. Jenkins, and tries to convince her to join him and defeat Mrs. Berkeley. Mrs. Jenkins tests Mr. Spawn’s credibility by saying things like “If I were headmistress, I would punish the students everyday”. Things go so far that Mr. Spawn doesn’t want Mrs. Jenkins back, but then Mrs. Jenkins realizes that he is sincere and together the both of them agree to work together to defeat Mrs. Berkeley. Mrs. Jenkins tells Mr. Spawn that they have full support from Gilman to aid their cause.

After that, Mrs. Berkeley realizes that Mrs. Fetter is not feeling well, and has Mrs. Anonye try to cure her. While in the infirmary, Mrs. Fetter starts sleepwalking, to the amazement of Mrs. Anonye. Mrs. Fetter is having a nightmare about her beloved dogs, and is feeling unresolved guilt for having a hand in killing Mr. McManus. She repeatedly demands “Why, Why WHY?!” while frantically waving her hands as if to claw the air. Mrs. Anonye realizes the horrible act that Mrs. Berkeley and Mrs. Fetter have done, but decides to keep it a secret, fearing the wrath of Mrs. Berkeley.

Meanwhile, Gilman faculty and staff, led by Mrs. Jenkins and Mr. Spawn begin the walk to Friends. Both Gilman and Friends flags are waving in the air, to symbolize the alliance between the two schools.

A little while later, Mrs. Berkeley asks Mrs. Anonye for progress with Mrs. Fetter, and Mrs. Anonye says that the patients must minister to themselves, referring to both Mrs. Berkeley and Mrs. Fetter. Mrs. Berkeley is livid at this point, and dismisses Mrs. Anonye and prepares for battle. While preparing, Mrs. Berkeley hears a gruesome shriek and is not startled by it. When she is told that Mrs. Fetter, her partner in crime had passed, she is sad for her. She is sad in part because now is not the time for Mrs. Fetter to die, now  was time for battle. “She should have died later, when I have more time to grieve”. Mrs. Berkeley is then interrupted by a messenger, who bears the news that Gilman and Friends are working together and advancing together towards Friends.

Mrs. Berkeley is outraged, calling the messenger “liar”, and if they are indeed lying then off with their head. But if they are telling the truth she says, then she begins to doubt the credibility of the lunch ladies and fears for her safety. She says let’s go out fighting, and if we die then at least we’ll die with armor on our backs.

After Mrs. Jenkins and Gilman begin the fight, a child (young adult) of one of the Gilman faculty finds Mrs. Berkeley, and they engage in a fight. Mrs. Berkeley, knowing that no human that once was or will be can harm her and she promptly kills the young fighter. The battle at Friends is not much of a battle at all, as most of Mrs. Berkeley’s supporters have flocked to Mrs. Jenkins’ side. It is now a hunt to find Mrs. Berkeley, and Mrs. Jenkins happens to stumble upon her next. They fight, and Mrs. Berkeley gloats that no human can kill her. Then, Mrs. Jenkins pulls out a flask of poisonous bacteria and shouts “If no human can kill you, then bacteria will!” Mrs. Jenkins quickly puts on a mask, and releases the contents of the flask, promptly killing Mrs. Berkeley. The battle then abruptly stops, and everybody commends Mrs. Jenkins for overthrowing Mrs. Berkeley.

And that’s the end! That was a longer project than I expected it to be, but now it’s done and it was fun writing it along the way. I think that writing the plot helps me out for the MacBeth test, as I am now familiar with the entire play. Anyway, that was a good project and I can’t wait to start the next one!

  • Jack Goodenough

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  1. That's a total hoot! Thank you! You really learned that play inside and out. May I put the three parts together in one document and share it with the other ninth grade English classes?