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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unusual Words, A-G (Vocab #5)

Hey guys, it’s time for another vocab post! It’s been awhile since the last post, with Thanksgiving break and such, but now we are on to number 5. In the last post, we looked at the Etymology of words, and we didn’t have a story afterwards, so we unfortunately don’t have a haiku review this time. If you do need a review of last post, you are more than welcome to go back and look at it. Without further ado though, let’s get into the post.

So, to offset having no haiku review, I decided to stray from our normal post structure and have some extra fun looking at unusual words in the English language. I happened to find this site, with a whole slew of words, A-Z. I decided that we’ll look at two words from each letter, seven letters at a time. So now, we have 14 words for this post, 2 each from A-G. As always, the definition will be posted alongside the word.  


Aceldama - Site or scene of violence or bloodshed (Noun)
Agelast - One who never laughs (Noun)
Bannock - Round, flat loaf of bread, Associated with Scotland, Northern England (Noun)
Beele - A double pointed miner's pick (Noun)
Cesious - Waxy, bluish grey (Adj.)
Chaomancy - Divination by examining phenomena in the air (Noun)
Darraign - To vindicate, justify or prove (Verb)
Drabbet - A coarse linen fabric (Noun)
Ekka - A small Indian vehicle pulled by horse
Exility - Thinness, smallness, meager condition (Noun)
Futtock - Curved timber that forms the frame of the ship (Noun)
Fatidical - Prophetic, having the power to foretell the future (Adj)
Grandeval - Of great age, ancient (Adj)
Ginnel - A narrow passage between buildings, alley (Noun)

Whooh! Those are some very interesting words indeed! Writing a story is going to be tough, but I’ll give it a try. I might not use all the words, but definitely over half of them. I don’t really have an idea this time, so I’ll just begin and see where it goes from there.

I knew I was in trouble when I found the mysterious stone. That morning, I had woken up early so I could get to work early and hopefully make some more money. My mother had already baked me a bannock for me to take with me for lunch, so I grabbed that and set out for work. I work in the local mines of Alford, Scotland for my father. My mother doesn’t work, so it is up to my father and I to work hard and support the family. My father has been ill for quite some time now, so it is up to me to support the family, and that’s the reason I got up so early. So there I was, with my bannock in one hand, and my beele in the other walking towards the mines. It was a cold, desolate day and my cloak made from drabbet did nothing to stop the wind from pricking me. I wrapped my cloak tighter around me and started running, wanting to get out of the nasty weather. I do not believe in nor practice chaomancy, but judging from the weather, I knew I was in for a nasty day as well. Once in the mines, I took off my cloak as it was too hot for such a garment. I got to work right away, intent on bringing home a decent income that would please my father. For those who don’t know, mining is very boring. It is 90% removing worthless stone, 10% finding something worthwhile. After some time of mining, I would haul my stone to the nearest ekka to be shipped someplace and then return to the site. This pattern continued for some time, Mine, load, return, etc.. I had already eaten all of the bannock for lunch, and it was almost time to pack up when I stumbled upon something astonishing. Amidst my stone pile, there was a small, cesious colored stone that shone brightly, even though there was hardly any light in the chamber. I picked it up and examined it, and that’s when I felt energy course through my body. The energy swept throughout my body, and then dispersed, leaving me with a calm, knowing state of mind. I knew that it was a grandeval object, and it might be a cool artifact to show to my father, so I pocketed it, not knowing the trouble it was soon to cause.

Alrighty, that was interesting. Halfway through the story, I thought it would be cool to continue it in the next vocab post with a new set of words. So this is basically the start of a new project, and I am excited to continue it. As always, stay tuned for the next post!    

  • Jack Goodenough

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  1. Of those words, the one I think I'm most likely to use is "age last." Like, don't be an agelast! to a curmudgeon. Which ones do you think you're most likely to actually use?