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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Internal Alarm Clock (Free Write #6)

"When most people have to get up in the morning (for school), they say that they use an alarm clock to get them up, and {that} if they didn't use an alarm, then they would never wake up. Well, when it comes to alarm clocks, I am different. In general, I don't like alarm clocks, because having something screaming at you in the morning seems unnatural to me. The fact is, I don't use an alarm clock, but I still wake up on time. I like to call it an 'internal alarm clock'. I don't do anything {special}, but just before I go to bed I prepare to wake up at 6:00. Then, in the morning, I wake up right at 6:00. I'm not kidding. I might be in a deep sleep, but I always wake up at 6:00. There is a grace time of about 5 minutes or so. I might wake up at 5:55, but that is close enough to 6:00 to be an accurate alarm. I don't know why I do this, but it's a very useful thing to have!"

- Jack Goodenough 

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