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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Bible and its Origins (Response #6)

         Right now in English, we are reading the Bible as in Literature in an interfaith space with many people having many different beliefs. This makes a response post a little more unique, as your opinion might not exactly agree with other people’s opinions and beliefs, and that's ok. The goal of a response post is to pose your opinions or feelings about what we have been reading - in this case the Bible, to other people to give them a different way of seeing things. What we don't want to do is offend other people. So there is a fine line between offering your opinion and blasting other people with your ‘right’ idea. I have a few ideas as to how this post will go, and where I want to take this, so let's get into it.

          One of the things that is intriguing/confusing me about the Bible is that there is a total mystery surrounding it. Some People devote their entire lives to worshipping and believing in the stories of the Bible, but they don't actually know much about the stories at all. Nobody knows who wrote them, nor if any of them are even vaguely true. For all we know, some person could've just collected a bunch of old stories and compiled them into the Bible and from then on called it a ‘Holy Book’. To me, the fact that some people are devoted to something that is probably not even remotely true is a bit unnerving. Yes, the Bible is a very good book and contains a lot of interesting stories, but they are just stories told for entertainment.

        To make my point seem clearer, let's use an example. The Magic Tree House book series will do nicely. Now, let's say most kids growing up have read the series at one point or another. Why aren't the kids devoting their lives to the Magic Tree House? Well, simply put the Magic Tree House series is just a collection of stories. We know they are stories, so we read them for fun and nothing else. However, if we fast forward in time a couple thousand years where the Magic Tree House stories are regarded as ancient, we see a different outcome. The people have actually created a religion based on the series. Because it is so old and considered ancient, the people have now considered it sacred. And so that is what is happening here. Because the Bible is so old and mysterious, people are regarding it as a sacred text for a major religion in the world. Whereas in the past, the Bible was nothing more than a bunch of stories written for entertainment.

People may strongly disagree with that statement, but then here’s this thought: If you do think the Bible is very important and is a sacred text, then why? For all you know you may be reading some made up stories. There is no proof that the stories are true yet there is still strong belief out there. It is the same thing if people started to believe that Harry Potter is actually real, and that there are wizards in the world. There is no proof that the Harry Potter stories are real, therefore it seems crazy for people to believe in them. Yet it doesn’t seem crazy with the Bible. Why is that?

I’ll leave you guys with that question to answer. Again, this response was just about me posting my opinions on some matters and not meant to offend anybody. If you do take offense to this, please just view it as another way to view the world. I know that this was a rather short post, but I didn’t have much on my mind except for that one big question.  And on that note, I’ll see you guys in the next post!

-Jack Goodenough

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  1. This is good! AND: there are lots of texts just as ancient that we do not regard (that pretty much nobody regards) as sacred. So the age isn't the only explanation...