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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vocab. from chapter 1 in Silas Marner (Vocab. #8)

Hey guys, we’re at it again with another round of blog posts. Now, I haven’t done one since spring break, so it has been a while since a post, but we’ll jump back in with 5 new ones. So I decided to start off with a vocab post (as I also do) and go from there. Right now in English, we are reading Silas Marner, and it is an extremely good book. Now, there are quite a lot of challenging words in it, so I decided to look them up and define them in a list. Since there are so many new words, I thought it would be best to go through chapter by chapter. So here are the challenging or new words from chapter one of Silas Marner:

  1. Pallid: Pale, white, typically because of poor health (Adj)
  2. Dexterity: Skill in performing tasks (mainly with hands) (Noun)
  3. Chary: Cautiously or suspiciously reluctant to do something (Adj)
  4. Protuberant: Protruding, bulging (Adj)
  5. Benignity: Kindness or tolerance towards others (Noun)
  6. Victual: Food/Provisions (Noun)
  7. Phantasm: A figment of the imagination (Noun)
  8. Tithes: One tenth of annual produce or earnings (tax) (Noun)
  9. Rectory: A rector’s house (Noun)
  10. Averred: To state, or assert to be the case (Verb)
  11. Stile: A vertical piece in the frame of a paneled door/window (Noun)
  12. Repugnance: Intense disgust (Noun)
  13. Sect: A group of people with similar but different beliefs from a larger group (Noun)
  14. Ardent: Enthusiastic or passionate (Adj)
  15. Fervour: Intense and passionate feeling
  16. Efficacy: The ability to produce the desired or intended result (Noun)
  17. Piety: The quality of being religious or reverent (Noun)
  18. Colloquies: A conversation (noun, plural)
  19. Cataleptic: A physical condition usually associated with catatonic schizophrenia (Noun)
  20. Exhorted: Strongly encourage or urge someone to do something (Verb)
  21. Admonition: An act of action of authoritative counsel or warning (Noun)
  22. Deacon: An ordained minister below a priest (Noun)
  23. Vestry: A room or building attached to a church (Noun)
  24. Impetuously: Of, relating to, or characterized by sudden or rash action, emotion (Adj)
  25. Blasphemy: The act of offense of speaking sacrilegiously (Noun)
  26. Culpable: Deserving blame (Adj)

Notice how most of the words have to deal with religion, because in chapter one in Silas Marner, Silas gets exiled from a very religious community. Anyway, I hope that by looking at all these words that some will stick with you and you’ll remember them in the future. That is always a fun part for me. I will make a list like this, and then later on I will see one of the words from this list, and I’ll have a short flashback to when I defined it here. I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but I always start seeing words that I have defined as vocab. more often after I define them. Anyway, I think it’s a neat thing, and I’ll leave you guys with that as this concludes our 8th vocab. post. Stay tuned for the next one!

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